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Mimar Hakan


Mimar Hakan

1986 born in Frankfurt am Main

2002 College, Oberursel/Taunus

2010 Bachelor of Arts, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

2012 Master of Arts, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

2016 Admission to the Hessen Chamber of Architects

2020 Member of the Association of German Builders


2012 Nickl and Partner AG

2014 Karl Dudler Architects

2016 Landesbetrieb Bau Immobilien Hessen

2018 Assmann Beraten + Planen AG

2020 Founding Mimar Hakan

Timeless Architecture

Simple Architecture – for simple People

We are positioned clearly and simply and at the same tleime illuminating. We make the complicated simple and love and live the simple. For this reason, in the local era of globalization with incredibly fast operation, decision-making and travel processes, we are very interested in always giving our best with short communication channels and clearly defined services. For us, giving the best means doing justice to our own performance for the work or a service and at the same time enabling a better quality of life for both sides.

For this reason, in addition to our core business of classic architecture and the field of real estate services, we have expanded to include another – new field, which is actually unusual for architects in building construction, the programming and development of software solutions in the construction industry. We work interdisciplinary and goal-oriented in international teams, learn from each other and think ahead. Whether planning offices or individual trades, the goal is to design a more effective and human-worthy workflow. Simply executing orders is too dry for us. In the age of digitization and artificial intelligence, we architects should no longer be solely interested in how the product development of various building materials relates to the legal part in the planning or construction site. Starting with the development of our own software (MIMHAK-TRANSACTION-BUILDING) and the publication of architectural theoretical publications on the subject of building and workflow, we have set ourselves the goal of pioneering a lifestyle and workflow, the consequence of which means quality of life.

The basis for a successful cooperation is discretion and respect. We rely on partnership-based collaboration on an equal footing and promote constant dialogue with customers. We inspire our national and international customers with our know-how, fast response times and enormous motivation. We are simple, love and live the simple and enjoy working with simple contemporaries. So easy.

Architecture and Services

As experienced architects with various activities in various fields of responsibility of the architect, we have developed into specialists in the construction industry. Our way of working is characterized by a high level of expertise and the ability to put the topic into perspective, even in complex situations, and not lose sight of the big picture.


We particularly distinguish ourselves through user-friendly and economical software solutions in the construction industry. Planning offices, individual trades and investors are our target group when it comes to doing justice to the digital age. Programming for a more effective workflow and a better quality of life for people is what drives us.



We offer you strong designs. Floor plans for short and long-term functionality



We offer you construction management and monitor your construction sites with the best of experience.



We work at the highest level of technology and are independent from third parties.

We are here for you.

We look forward to your Projects. Please feel free to contact us.

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