Simple architecture – for simple people

We plan and design an appealing and timeless architecture. Out of our conviction, we design perfectly tailored floor plans that are not to be understood as a momentary recording, but rather as a short, medium and long-term solution to satisfy all instincts in people. From the first idea to the handover of the keys, we will advise you personally and work together to achieve the goal.

Simple partners for all service phases

Our focus is on the design, planning and construction management (LP 1-9) of residential buildings, commercial buildings, retail, sports studios, restaurants, as well as cupboards and restaurants. As a classic architect, we accompany you from the first draft through the detailing to the completion of the property.

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For us, functionality is in the foreground. If the floor plans work, everyday life works. We see the big picture and examine every detail. Timeless, with respect for the environment. With order and structure. Creativity and harmony. With simple building materials of high quality and a concept-dependent external appearance, we give buildings what they deserve. Some buildings are a bit withdrawn by nature. Some prefer to be in the foreground. Everyone should get their rights. The factory and the client.

Reliability & Success

Our working principles

Mimar Hakan

Our first priority in the market is to gain trust.

For us, trust is the key to success.

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Knowledge & Productivity

Our working principles

Mimar Hakan

We have been involved in many different projects by translating our experience and know-how in the industry into productivity.

Increasing values

Our working principles

Mimar Hakan

Thanks to our expertise in the construction industry and independent development and production of software solutions for the construction industry, we are becoming an increasing value every day.

Mimar Hakan


We offer you strong designs. Floor plans for short and long-term functionality.


We work at the highest level of technology and are independent from third parties.


We offer you construction management and monitor your construction sites with the best of experience.

We are here for you.

We look forward to your projects. Please feel free to contact us.

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