Mimar Hakan

(M.A.) Hakan Yildirim, architect

Mergenthalerallee 15

65760 Eschborn, Germany

Tel .: +49 6196 77 000 80


VAT identification number: DE337020041

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network-earth-blockchain-globe              Header                               © pixabay

Hamam visualization                                   Header                               mimar hakan

Mimar Hakan Brandings                             Header                               mimar hakan

Pencils                                                             Footer                                © pixabay

Mimar Hakan                                                 Video                                  mimar hakan

MIMHAK                                                         Video                                  mimar hakan

bizim mimar video                                                                                    mimar hakan

Mimar Hakan                                                 logo slogan                       mimar hakan

MIMHAK                                                         logo slogan                       mimar hakan

bizim mimar                                                   logo slogan                       mimar hakan

Notebook + pen                                            services                             © pixabay

Floor plans                                                     services                             © pixabay

3 people on the construction site            Services                             © pixabay

Authority center Frankfurt am Main       Services                            © LBIH

Skyline Frankfurt am Main                         Services                             © pixabay

Steel reinforcement and programming codes Services                  © pixabay

Natural stone                                                Services                             © pixabay

Escape route pictogram                              Services                             © pixabay

Istanbul                                                           Aervices                             © pixabay

MIMHAK website                                         projects                             mimar hakan

Sports studio                                                 projects                             mimar hakan

Mosque                                                           projects                             mimar hakan

Project development                                   projects                             mimar hakan

Fire protection certificate                          projects                               © pixabay

Turkey consulting                                         projects                             mimar hakan

Outdoor facility planning                           projects                             mimar hakan

Building maintenance                                 projects                             © LBIH

Monument renovation                               projects                             mimar hakan

Restaurant                                                     projects                             mimar hakan

Notebook with technical equipment      About us                            © pixabay

Portrait                                                           About us                            mimar hakan

Floor plans                                                     About us                            © pixabay

Staircase                                                         About us                            © pixabay

Notebook with data analysis                     About us                            © pixabay

Blaumann                                                       About us                            © pixabay

Pad and pen                                                   blog                                    © pixabay

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